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Published: 12/14/2022

Updated: 03/20/2024

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Whether you serve them at a dinner party or just need a pick me up after dinner at home, these best martini recipes are for you! From fruity to creamy and everything in between, you’re sure to find something you love for any occasion.

21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (1)

I don’t know about you, but every time I think about a martini, I think of good old James Bond saying, “Shaken, not stirred.” Just me?

A good classic martini recipe is something that every home entertainer should have up their sleeve. It can be as simple as a plain vodka martini, or something that requires a few more ingredients.

Popular Martini Recipe Ingredients

Looking to fully stock your home bar for whatever occasion may arise? Here are some helpful ingredients to have on hand for any martini order that is thrown at you.

  • A nice vodka – Many classic co*cktail recipes use a high quality vodka. Of course, you can always use your favorite, but Belvedere or Grey Goose are great.
  • Dry gin – A classic gin martini really only has gin and dry vermouth, so use a high quality gin here too. Hendrick’s and Bombay Sapphire are my favorites.
  • Sweet vermouth – This is what’s used in what’s known as “The Original Martini” or “Traditional Martini” along with orange bitters. Not ordered much anymore, but still a classic. Plus you can also use this to make Manhattans.
  • Orange liqueur – I prefer Cointreau or Gran Marnier, but you can go as simple or as basic as Triple Sec if you’d like to.
  • Flavored vodka – Something like pear vodka might not be used but a few times, but vanilla vodka is used in many martinis and other co*cktails for that matter.
  • Fun liqueur – It’s always nice to have something fun and unique to be able to throw into a martini. A great example would be elderflower liqueur or creme de cacao.
  • Juice – I always prefer to make my co*cktails with fresh juices. Fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, olive juice and lime juice are all great to have on hand.
  • Garnishes – Of course having wedges of citrus is great, but take it up a notch by making a lemon twist from a lemon peel or some green olives stuffed with blue cheese. We also love a nice sugared rim or even this Chamoy Rim Paste!

Besides ingredients, here are a few other things that are helpful to have on hand when making martinis for special occasions: co*cktail shaker, mixing glass, chilled martini glass, rocks glass and a large ice cube mold.

Best Martini Recipes

Espresso Martini co*cktail Recipe

4.69 from 22 votes

With only 4 simple ingredients, you can have this Espresso Martini ready in only 5 minutes. The perfect after-dinner dessert co*cktail!

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White Chocolate Martini

5 from 9 votes

Need the perfect festive co*cktail to serve this holiday season? A White Chocolate Martini, rimmed with candy canes is the perfect holiday dessert drink! Learn how to make this simple co*cktail recipe for easy entertaining and more!

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Chocolate Martini

4.61 from 64 votes

This EASY Chocolate Martini recipe is the perfect after dinner drink! It's creamy, indulgent and only requires 5 ingredients to make!

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Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

3.97 from 221 votes

A Lemon Drop Martini is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Calling for just four ingredients, these easy to make martinis are easy to sip and include a lemon sugar rim.

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French Martini co*cktail

4.38 from 48 votes

This classic French Martini recipe is a timeless co*cktail perfect all year long with flavors of pineapple juice and raspberry liquor! So easy!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (7)

Spiced Truffle Martini

A Spiced Truffle Martini is the one co*cktail every dark chocolate lover needs to indulge in forco*cktail hour. The spirit-forward drink finishes with a rich blend of warming spices, making itthe ideal nightcap.

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (8)

Bikini Martini

This bikini martini is a tropical mix of vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and an eye-catching layer of grenadine. A sweet, easy drink with no alcohol burn

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (9)

Breakfast Martini

ThisBreakfast Martiniis the perfect sipping co*cktail that’s sweet and citrusy while also being beautiful balanced and flavorful!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (10)

Clearwater Sunset Martini

With only 4 ingredients, this Clearwater Sunset Martini is perfectly refreshing and great for a warm afternoon!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (11)

Tiramisu Martini

End a special dinner with a Tiramisu Martini. It tastes just like the classic Italian dessert in liquid form, without all the effort!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (12)

Pumpkin Pie Martini

A Pumpkin Pie Martini is a slice of pumpkin pie, made for your co*cktail glass! The rich and creamy co*cktail is just the right balance of sweet, boozy, pumpkin spice, and purepumpkin.

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (13)

Sapphire Martini

Known for its vibrant blue color, this sapphire martini is a bright, citrusy drink made from a mix of Bombay Sapphire Gin, blue curacao, and dry vermouth!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (14)

Apple Cider Martini

Sip on thisApple Cider Martinithat combines cider and vodka in a glass with a caramel-coated rim that’s dipped in brown sugar!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (15)

Cosmopolitan Martini

With the fresh flavors of cranberry and lime, this classic Cosmopolitan Martini is the ultimate warm weather sipper!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (16)

Ginger Martini with Drunken Cranberries

Tis the season for holiday co*cktails and an Ginger Martini with Drunken Cranberries is just the spicy, slightly sweet, and boozy drink you need to be whipping up!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (17)

Sugar Cookie Martini

Deck the halls with a Sugar Cookie Martini in hand! Serve up this festive dessert martini co*cktail for holiday parties, while decorating cookies or while simply sitting by the fire for some true holiday cheer.

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (18)

Chocolate Cream Pie Martini

If you love the cream pie, this drink is for you! A rich chocolate martini with whipped topping and just enough boozy burn to warm up your holiday.

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (19)

Drunk Bunny Martini

ThisEaster Bunny Martinihas a chocolate drizzled glass that’s filled with a smooth, rich co*cktail and garnished with a chocolate bunny! Ready to enjoy in 5 minutes or less!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (20)

Blueberry Lemon Martini

You only need three simple ingredients to make this delicious Blueberry Lemon Martini! Perfect for a warm summer day!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (21)

Ginger Pomegranate Martini

Add something new to your Valentine's Day dinner menu with this seductively delicious Ginger Pomegranate Martini!

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21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (22)

Peppermint White Chocolate Martini

This Peppermint White Chocolate Martini is a lovely after-dinner sipper for the holidays!

See The Recipe!

More Fun co*cktails

  • Dirty Shirley
  • Easy Mint Mojitos
  • Orange Crush co*cktail
21+ BEST Martini Recipes (Perfect for any Special Occasion!) (2024)


What is the secret to a great martini? ›

In all martinis, you're looking to complement your spirit with your garnish rather than overpower. Never is this more important than with citrus. Gin and vodka are perfect partners for citrus, the oils brightening the spirits, adding freshness and zing.

What are the most ordered martini? ›

The Most Popular Martini Flavor in the U.S.

Pineapple martinis are sweet, delicious, and straightforward, making them a popular choice among patrons all over the nation. All you need to make one of these martinis for yourself is pineapple juice, vodka, and fresh-squeezed lime juice.

What is the difference between a 50 50 martini and a perfect martini? ›

A halfsies martini, which is also known as a half and half martini, a perfect martini, a 50/50 martini or a 50/50 co*cktail, is a co*cktail that reduces the ABV content of a standard martini significantly by mixing equal parts of vodka or gin and vermouth.

What 4 questions you ask when someone orders a martini? ›

Ask four questions:
  • Vodka or gin?
  • Up (martini glass) or on the rocks (rocks glass)?
  • How dry do you want it? -Not dry- 1 count dry vermouth. -Dry- 2-5 drops dry vermouth. - Extra dry- 1 drop dry vermouth. - in and out- swich around dry vermouth in glass and throw it away.
  • Garnish with oliver (1 or 3) or lemon twist?

What is the two martini rule? ›

In certain martini venues, the “two martini rule” is observed. Once you have consumed two, you must move on to a soft drink, such as wine or a gin and tonic.

What is a martini without vermouth called? ›

Desert Martini or a Churchill Martini

No vermouth is used. This is essentially straight gin diluted with ice and garnished with either a lemon twist or olives.

What is a $100 dollar martini? ›

Presenting the $100 martini. Originally created at El Gaucho Tacoma, it is now only served here in Seattle. This exceptional libation features Beluga Gold Line Vodka, Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac, Grand Marnier 100, garnished with orange twist.

What is a Marilyn Monroe martini? ›

Instructions. Measure the apple brandy and grenadine into a co*cktail shaker. Add enough ice to cover the liquid and shake for 30 seconds to ensure the brandy and grenadine are very cold. Strain into a martini glass and top up the glass with chilled champagne or sparkling wine.

What is a good martini for beginners? ›

  • 2 1/2 ounces. gin or vodka.
  • 1/2 ounce. dry vermouth.
  • Ice.
  • Lemon peel twist or olives, for garnish.
Jan 9, 2024

What is a wet martini? ›

WET. Fittingly enough, the opposite of a dry Martini is a wet Martini. This mode of preparation has fallen out of fashion in recent years, but there's no shame in ordering it. 'Wet' simply means that there's a higher percentage of vermouth, with a typical ratio being 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth.

What is a Dirty Martini mean? ›

"Dirty" simply refers to the addition of olive juice or brine. It's a classic co*cktail that is very easy to mix up and one of the most popular variations on the original gin martini. You can make this drink as dirty as you like by pouring the olive juice to suit your taste.

What do you say when ordering a martini? ›

If you want a martini with gin, just order a “martini”. Any bar worth its liquor license will make it with gin. But if you'd prefer vodka, make sure you specify a “vodka martini”. And don't listen to martini purists – there's absolutely nothing wrong with ordering a vodka-based martini, if that's what you prefer.

What does ordering a martini say about you? ›

Classic gin martini drinkers are also mysterious, clever, and know how to get your attention. These party animals like to dive straight in, and they don't mess around when it comes to having serious fun. These are the people who constantly want the music louder so they can dance on the tables.

What makes a martini extra dirty? ›

An extra dirty martini co*cktail contains a generous portion of olive brine. The “dirty” part of a Dirty Martini co*cktail relates to the olive ingredients, and “extra dirty” just means more olive flavor, like in the Dirtiest Martini co*cktail. There are many different ways to make a martini co*cktail to your liking.

What is the formula for a dirty martini? ›

Stir together vodka, dry vermouth, brine, and olives in a mixing glass. Pour into a glass or shaker with ice. Serve on the rocks, or strain into chilled co*cktail glasses. Enjoy!

What is the difference between a classic martini and a perfect martini? ›

A classic martini, or a wet martini, is when you prefer an equal ratio of gin and dry vermouth. A “perfect” martini on the other hand is made with equal parts dry and sweet vermouth and then mixed with vodka or gin.

What are the three types of martini? ›

Dry, Extra Dry, Bone Dry and Wet

The original iteration of drink called for a 2:1 ratio of gin to dry vermouth, however the co*cktail has evolved over many decades (as have people's taste) - and martinis are now more commonly served at a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio.

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