Coconut Butter - Easy 1-ingredient Recipe - Texanerin Baking (2024)

Coconut butter is super easy to make and only requires coconut and a food processor or high-speed blender! Naturally paleo, vegan, and gluten-free. With a video.

While I’ve got quite a few dessert recipes ready to post, I know that a lot of people aren’t super into baking just yet after the holidays. So here’s something a little different!

A few people have mentioned in my recipes with coconut butter that they didn’t know you could make your own. So here we go!

What is coconut butter?

Coconut butter is just the ground up dried meat of a coconut. It’s also known as coconut manna.

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Is coconut butter the same as coconut oil? Coconut butter vs. coconut oil.

It’s very different than coconut oil, which is the oil that is pressed out of coconut meat. When you buy a jar of coconut butter, there’s usually a layer of coconut oil at the top that has separated.

You just warm it up and stir it back together. In the summer, it’s so warm in our kitchen that it’s liquid enough and can be just be stirred.

Coocnu*t butter is not interchangeable with coconut oil.

You have to use it in recipes that specifically call for coconut butter. Like these vegan coconut macaroons, which is probably my favorite cookie recipe of the last several years and my go-to cookie recipe (but I always dip them in chocolate and drizzle more on top!).

If you need some other recipe ideas, try this healthy vegan peanut butter and jelly fudge or this paleo vegan chocolate fudge!

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Is there a coconut butter substitute?

Other articles about how to make coconut butter suggest using another nut / seed butter, coconut oil or regular butter but I’ve tried all of these subs in several recipes and can say that the results are never even similar.

I’ve made at least 50 attempts at converting several of my recipes to be nut-free / AIP-friendly using coconut butter and none of them worked. So I really don’t recommend it. They come out dry and crumbly.

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What kind of coconut should I use?

Pretty much anything except fresh coconut. You can use shredded coconut like I did or coconut chips, flaked coconut, coconut flakes and desiccated coconut. All of that works.

Desiccated will just take a bit longer than the other kinds because it has less moisture in it. And make sure to use unsweetened and full-fat! None of that reduced-fat stuff.

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The amount of coconut you use will depend on how big your food processor or high-speed blender is. A regular blender will not work! You have to use a Blendtec, Vitamix or something similar.

You need to fill the food processor at least halfway with coconut. You’ll have a hard time processing if it’s not at least halfway full.

Do you need to add some coconut oil?

I’ve been making homemade coconut butter for 8 years and have never needed to do that. If yours absolutely won’t come together after 10-15 minutes, you could add maybe a teaspoon of coconut oil at a time to see if that helps.

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How do you store coconut butter? How long does it last?

Coconut butter stays good for ages at room temperature. I would say as long as your shredded coconut (or whatever coconut product you’re using) is good for. I’ve found hidden jars that were over a year old and they were perfectly fine.

So don’t worry about making too much! That’s just not possible once you try these coconut lime macaroons (which call for coconut butter) because you’ll want a constant supply. ;)

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It hardens as it cools unless your kitchen is very warm. There’s unfortunately no way to prevent this.

I’d love to hear what you think of this homemade coconut butter!


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  • Prep Time:
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  • Ready in:
  • Yield: a little less than 1 cup coconut butter


  • 1 pound (450 grams or almost 6 cups) or more full-fat unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut flakes or flaked coconut


  1. If using a food processor: fill the food processor at least halfway with coconut flakes. You'll have a hard time processing if it's not at least halfway full. Process until very liquidy, almost like water. Stop every few minutes to scrape down the sides and let it cool a little if it feels too warm. Don't kill your food processor! Depending on your food processor, it could take 15-20 minutes.
  2. If using a Blendtec, (you can also use a Vitamix), use the Twister Jar and start processing while twisting the top of the jar counterclockwise. I start off on 1 and work up to about medium power. Process until very liquidy, almost like water. It'll only take about a minute.
  3. Place in a jar and stir every hour or so until firm and solid (this may take up to 6-8 hours depending on how warm your kitchen is. If it's very warm in your kitchen, it might not become solid. If you're in a hurry, refrigerate). Store at room temperature. To soften, place the jar in hot water or microwave (provided it's in a microwave-safe jar) at 50% power for 15 seconds at a time.


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Coconut Butter - Easy 1-ingredient Recipe - Texanerin Baking (9)

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Coconut Butter - Easy 1-ingredient Recipe - Texanerin Baking (2024)


Can you use coconut butter for baking? ›

You can buy coconut butter in the stores or make Homemade Coconut Butter. 2 store brands I like are the Nutiva and Maranatha brands. You can use it for vegan baked desserts or no-bake desserts or simply spread it on some fresh toast or even pancakes, it will melt immediately and taste amazing.

What is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter in baking? ›

They're two distinct products, used for different purposes, so they can't really be substituted for one another. Coconut oil is best used for sautéting and roasting foods, and even baking. Coconut butter, on the other hand, is best used with foods that are already cooked.

Does coconut butter harden? ›

A: Coconut oil and coconut butter hardens as the temperature drops, it will be soft and smooth when it warms up again. It does not effect the products flavor or usefulness.

Can coconut butter replace butter in baking? ›

It has a low smoking point, so you shouldn't use it for frying or sautéing ingredients. It can replace butter when baking, though. This ingredient is a great substitute for any type of fat when making baked goods. It's most commonly used as a substitute for nut butter.

Can I replace butter with coconut butter? ›

Coconut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and coconut butter are some of the most used butter alternatives.

Can I use coconut butter instead of coconut oil in baking? ›

Replacing coconut oil with coconut butter can add extra fiber and nutrients. They are different products though, so more delicate baking recipes will be affected by the change, and will not turn out the same way due to the differences between the two.

Which is healthier coconut oil or coconut butter? ›

Coconut oil is made entirely of fat, mostly saturated. One tablespoon has around 14 grams. Coconut butter is made from the whole coconut, so it also contains saturated fat, around 10 grams per tablespoon. It has nutrients coconut oil doesn't, most notably fiber.

Is it healthier to bake with butter or coconut oil? ›

Because of this, butter is considered to be a better option as it is not as heavily processed and contains fewer additives. However, coconut oil is considered to be a healthier option for cooking because it is high in healthy saturated fats, and is less likely to smoke or burn at high temperatures.

Should coconut butter be refrigerated? ›

It does not have to be refrigerated as it will get too cold and not be spreadable. In the cooler months, store coconut butter in a warm place in the kitchen but away from sunlight so that it is creamy and spreadable. While in storage, you may notice some oil separation.

Does homemade coconut butter need to be refrigerated? ›

It does not need to be refrigerated and will not be spreadable if it is too cold. In the winter months, we store it in a warm place in the kitchen so it will stay smooth and spreadable.

Is coconut butter good for inflammation? ›

Virgin coconut oil contains small amounts of antioxidant compounds that may help curb inflammation, a harmful process thought to worsen heart disease.

What are the pros of coconut butter? ›

It is known for lowering cholesterol levels and supporting weight loss. Consuming food that contains lauric acid can increase the HDL (good) cholesterol of the body. It will also reduce the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Therefore, it can also support heart health.

Can you whip coconut butter? ›

Note: Do not melt the coconut oil first. It will only whip up if it is solid. Whip on high speed with a wire whisk for 6-7 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency. Spoon the whipped coconut oil body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly.

Why is my coconut butter so grainy? ›

Temperature variation during shipping is usually the #1 cause of a grainy texture in butters and balms. During hotter months, butters and balms can partially melt and then cool down too slowly, creating the perfect conditions for that grainy, gritty feeling.

Can I use coconut cream instead of butter in cookies? ›

Coconut cream, cacao and chickpeas can replicate the moisture and flavor we get from dairy-based butter.

Does coconut butter melt? ›

Coconut butter uses:

Add to your oatmeal: this is one of my favorite ways to use it! A spoonful will melt right on top of your morning oatmeal. It's so good on this Almond Joy Oatmeal, but also on all of these oatmeal recipes.

Is coconut oil or butter healthier for baking? ›

That being said, if you must choose one of the saturated options, butter is still a better option than coconut oil. Coconut oil is actually higher in calories and has more total fat and saturated fat than butter. If using butter, it's still best to use in small quantities to prevent consuming too much saturated fat.

Is coconut butter the same as coconut cream? ›

Creamed coconut is also made from ground dehydrated coconut flesh, and then compressed into a block. It is similar in form to coconut butter but is very dense and is most commonly mixed with water to make coconut milk or added to soups or stews.

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