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Current Inmate Search With Pictures Sorted Alphabetically

Current Inmate Search With Pictures Sorted By Booking Date

The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office Detention Center is now offering a way tosearch for information about current inmates.Using XML, JavaScript, and Perl programming, the new system offers amore up to date and user-friendly method of locating inmate informationthrough the jail'sweb site.

The Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers are unable to parsethese xml reports. If you are using an Apple computer, we wouldrecommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser which is freely available.

Information about current inmates is now updated and uploaded to our web site every 15 minutes, around theclock; assuring that the published information is the most current available.

The new search pages are available in two different formats. The first sorts inmates in alphabetical order, making iteasy for the user to find any inmate. Simply scroll down the page and click on the inmate's name. Within seconds,detailed information about the inmate, along with his picture, will appear. To remove this information from the screen,simply click on the inmate's name again. It's possible to pull up information and pictures on more than one inmate at atime, but sometimes this gets confusing if done in excess. Clicking on the picture will bring up a new window with a largerversion of the picture.

The second format sorts the current inmates by booking date and time.The inmate whose name appears at the top of thelist has been in the jail the longest. The inmate whose name appears atthe bottom of the list is the last inmate to bebooked into our facility. Sometimes, pictures and other informationmight not be available for recently booked inmates appearingat the bottom of the list. That is because the booking process is stilltaking place and all the data has not yet beenentered into our database or the inmate's picture has not yet beentaken.

You will find a link in the upper left corner of each search page that will take you to a printable text version of eachreport containing the same information, but no pictures.

All information is updated on the hour, quarter after the hour, half past the hour, and quarter till the hour. If youhappen to access or refresh the page at exactly those times, during the few seconds when data is being uploaded, you mayget an error message. If that happens, just refresh the page and the updated information will appear. These web pagesautomatically refresh themselves every 15 minutes and do not store their information in your computer's cache. Thisassures that you will always be seeing the most current information we have available. The date and time (in militaryformat) of the last update appear at the top of the web page, along with the current total inmate population.

When a search page is first accessed, it may take a few seconds for it to download to your computer, depending on yourconnection speed. The file is about a megabyte in size because we have a lot of inmates and a lot of data.

The numbers in the "Statute" column can usually tell you more specifically the particular offense for whichthat inmate has been charged. The first 8 numbers, which are formatted as "00-00-0000", indicate the generalstatute found in the South Carolina Code of Laws that the inmate is charged with violating. Many times, however, thesestatutes have various sections and subsections. Most of the drug violations, for example, are found in section 44-53-0370of the S.C. Code of Laws. To learn more specifically the nature of the offense, you need to look at the four numbersfollowing the statute. These four numbers are called "CDR" codes. Most state offenses in SouthCarolina have been assigned a four digit CDR code. You can enter this four digit code on the S.C. Supreme Court'sweb site at http://www.judicial.state.sc.us/cdr/index.cfm and learn more specifically the nature of the charges lodgedagainst an inmate. This will lead you to the particular section of the statute that is being charged, for which you willfind a link. More information about CDR codes and their use can be found athttp://www.judicial.state.sc.us/cdr/userInstructions.cfm#FAQ. If aninmate is charged with violating a municipalordinance, the first three letters of the municipality will be found inthe Statute column, followed by the ordinancenumber. A county ordinance violation will indicate "cou ord", followedby the ordinance number. Spartanburg County ordinances can befound here. A statute number of "00-00-0000"indicates a common law offense which has not been codified in the SouthCarolina statutes. A "#" before the description of the offense indicates that particular CDR code has been retired and is no longer being used.This usually occurs when the legislature modifys or repeals an offense.

Jail Help Page : Spartanburg Sheriff (2024)
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