Layla Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang (2024)

Layla Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang (3)
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Main Attributes Details
Function: Marksman
Attributes: Explosion
Lane Position: Gold
Playing Difficulty: Easy
Cost to Acquire: Gold: 2000$ | 249 Diamond
Lane Tier List 2024 Rank
Gold Tier List: B

Mastering Layla: A Beginner's Guide

Layla, though slow in mobility, packs a punch with her damaging skills right from the start. As the game progresses, she becomes even more potent and can carry the team to victory. In this guide, we'll explore strategies to maximize Layla's potential and dominate the battlefield.

Early Game Strategy

At the beginning of the match, prioritize staying close to your tower for safety. Focus on farming and only venture forward with the support of allies. Layla's second skill can be used to slow down approaching enemies, and if they attempt to invade your territory, utilize Combo 3 to fend them off.

Mid to Late Game Tactics

As the game progresses, adapt your build according to your playstyle and the evolving dynamics of the match. Keep an eye on enemy movements and adjust your strategy accordingly. Layla excels in team fights, so don't hesitate to join in and support your teammates. Position yourself strategically behind your team to capitalize on Layla's ultimate, which deals damage over a considerable range. Use the map to aim your shots accurately and catch enemies off guard.

Leverage Layla's Skills

Layla's passive, "Malefic," increases her damage to enemies the farther they are from her. Use this to your advantage by maintaining distance from opponents whenever possible. Her first skill, "Malefic Bomb," deals significant damage and grants bonus range and movement speed upon hitting an enemy. "Void Projectile," Layla's second skill, applies a magic mark on enemies, allowing her to deal additional damage and stun nearby targets. Finally, her ultimate, "Destruction Rush," fires a powerful blast in a straight line, dealing massive damage to enemies in its path.

Customize Your Build

Tailor Layla's build to suit your playstyle and counter your opponents. Keep an eye on enemy structures and adjust your itemization accordingly. Whether you prefer a more aggressive or defensive approach, choose items that complement your strategy and capitalize on Layla's strengths.

Mastering Layla Skills in Mobile Legends

Layla is a hero with immense damage potential, especially in the early and late game. However, her lack of mobility makes positioning and map awareness crucial for her success. In this guide, we'll explore how to effectively play with Layla, utilizing her skills and maximizing her impact on the battlefield.

Passive: Malefic

Layla's passive ability, Malefic, grants her increased damage to enemies the farther they are from her. This makes it crucial to maintain distance from opponents whenever possible, allowing Layla to maximize her damage output.

1st Skill: Malefic Bomb

Layla's primary damaging ability, Malefic Bomb, fires a projectile in the target direction, dealing significant physical damage to the first enemy hit. Upon hitting an enemy, Layla's basic attacks and Void Projectile gain extra range for a short duration, while she also receives a temporary boost in movement speed. This skill is excellent for harassing enemies and securing kills, especially in the early stages of the game.

2nd Skill: Void Projectile

Void Projectile fires an orb of Malefic Energy at the target enemy, dealing physical damage and applying a magic mark on them for a few seconds. When Layla hits an enemy with the magic mark, she deals additional damage and stuns nearby enemies. This skill is essential for crowd control and setting up plays during team fights.

3rd Skill: Destruction Rush

Layla's ultimate ability, Destruction Rush, unleashes a devastating blast of Malefic Energy in the target direction, dealing massive physical damage to enemies in a line. Additionally, this skill increases the range of Layla's basic attacks and Void Projectile. Destruction Rush is a powerful tool for initiating team fights, securing kills, and turning the tide of battle in Layla's favor.

Layla's skills in Combat

By mastering Layla's skills and utilizing them effectively in combat, players can maximize her damage potential and contribute significantly to their team's success. With careful positioning, strategic use of abilities, and a well-tailored build, Layla can become a formidable force on the battlefield in Mobile Legends.

Layla: Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Late-Game Explosive Damage: Layla excels in the late game, dealing massive damage to enemies with her skills.
  • Long Range: Layla possesses long-range abilities, allowing her to poke and harass enemies from a safe distance.
  • Super Easy to Use: Layla's straightforward skill set makes her easy for players of all skill levels to pick up and play effectively.


  • Weak Against Control: Layla is susceptible to crowd control effects such as stuns and slows, which can hinder her mobility and effectiveness in fights.
  • Depends on Items to Become Strong: Layla's power spikes rely heavily on itemization, requiring specific builds to reach her full potential.
  • Poor Durability: Layla has low base health and defense stats, making her vulnerable to burst damage and focused attacks.
  • Low Mobility: Layla lacks mobility skills, making it challenging to escape dangerous situations or chase down fleeing enemies.

Tactical Combos for Layla

Combo 1

Explanation: Start by slowing down the enemy with Skill 2, then use Skill 1 followed by basic attacks for maximum damage output.

Combo 1 Sequence: Executing Skills
Step Skills
1st Skill 2 to cause slowness
2nd Skill 1
3rd Basic attack
4th Basic attack

Combo 2

Explanation: Initiate with Skill 1, then follow up with Skill 2 for crowd control. Use basic attacks to maximize damage, then finish off with Skill 3 for burst damage.

Combo 2 Sequence: Executing Skills
Step Skills
1st Skill 1
2nd Skill 2
3rd Basic attack
4th Basic attack
5th Skill 3

Combo 3

Explanation: Begin with Skill 2 for control, activate Inspire Spell for increased attack speed, then use Skill 1 followed by basic attacks. Finish with Skill 3 for additional damage.

Combo 3 Sequence: Executing Skills
Step Skills
1st Skill 2
2nd Inspire Spell
3rd Skill 1
4th Basic Attack
5th Basic Attack
6th Skill 3

Layla: Strengths and Weaknesses in Battles

Strong Against

  • Rafaela
  • Nana
  • Moskov
  • Vale
  • Yi Sun-shin

Layla Counters

  • Natalia
  • Hayabusa
  • Alucard
  • Saber
  • Fanny
  • Melissa
  • Lancelot

Layla Best Spells

The most recommended spell for Layla is Inspire, providing a significant boost to her attack speed and damage output. However, Sprint or Flicker can also serve as viable options, particularly for escaping enemy ambushes or repositioning during team fights.

Layla Best Builds and Emblems 2023

Layla is classified as a marksman, and it's advisable to utilize emblems and builds tailored for marksmen to maximize her damage potential. While some top global players may opt for the assassin emblem, it's not the recommended choice for beginners.

Layla Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang (7)

Layla Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang (8)

Layla Guide Conclusion

In conclusion, mastering Layla in Mobile Legends requires understanding her strengths and weaknesses, as well as honing your skills and tactics. Despite her slow mobility and vulnerability to crowd control, Layla's immense damage potential and long-range abilities make her a formidable force on the battlefield. By positioning yourself strategically, utilizing her skills effectively, and adapting your build to match the situation, Layla can become a key asset to any team. With practice and dedication, you can unleash the full power of Layla and lead your team to victory in Mobile Legends.

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Layla Gameplay: Mobile Legends

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