Layla Guscoth’s Team of the Week (2024)

Layla Guscoth’s Team of the Week (1)

Former NSL icon and England Rose Layla Guscoth has selected her standout seven following the semi-finals on Saturday 22 June.

After two high-intensity, thrilling games of netball, Manchester Thunder and Loughborough Lighting confirmed their spot in this year’s Grand Final, and Guscoth was on hand to pick out her Team of the Week following these fixtures.

Mary Cholhok – Loughborough Lightning

A huge game for Lightning saw Cholhok deliver for her side on Saturday against London Pulse in the goal shooter position. Scoring at 96%, only missing two goals in the whole game whilst also picking up one rebound, Cholhok impressed Guscoth with her impressive effort to keep her team’s spirits alive when scorelines became close.

Cholhok shared the team’s winning moment with her son, Jackson, on the court after the game in what was such a touching moment for the mother and son. You can watch Mary talk all things motherhood in our See Us Now series, here.

Lightning strikes ⚡

What a passage of play from the home side with an incredible goal by @marynubas2 💥#NSL2024 l #SeeUsNow

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 22, 2024

Lois Pearson – Manchester Thunder

Taking the goal attack bib this week is Lois Pearson. With shooting stats in the high 80s, Pearson not only managed to shoot well but took 33 centre passes, one rebound, two pick-ups and one gain.

After playing in last year’s 3/4th play-off, Pearson will be ready and raring to go for her second-ever Super League Grand Final with Thunder. Not bought your tickets yet to see her in action? Get them here!

Layla Guscoth’s Team of the Week (2)

Jess Shaw – Severn Stars

With 40 feeds, 15 centre passes received and the positive mentality to help strive her team towards the end, Jess Shaw takes this week’s wing attack bib. The mid-courter wowed Guscoth with her tenacity to take the ball to goal and also the continuation of a positive mindset throughout the game.

Despite the loss, this will be Stars’ first time at a Grand Final weekend, where they will be facing London Pulse in the 3/4th playoff, so tune in to witness Shaw shine on the court.

The roll + the vision = perfectly executed goal 👏

🔎 @JessicaShaw_ finds Rademan in the circle after getting free from her defender allowing @SevernStars to sink another goal. #NSL2024 | #SeeUsNow

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 22, 2024

Imogen Allison – Manchester Thunder

Coming in at centre this week is Manchester Thunder’s versatile mid-court magician, Imogen Allison. Switching it up between centre and wing defence in this game, Allison made 14 feeds, took 1 interception, one deflection, one pick-up and one gain for her hard-working side.

Allison also picked up the Experience Kissimmee Player of the Match award for her non-stop mentality as well as her tenacity to win ball and help her team get through to the final.

It’s giving ✨impact✨

🤩Last night @imoallison put on a standout performance that saw her secure a Grand Final spot with @thundernetball for the first time.#NSL2024 l #SeeUsNow

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 23, 2024

Beth Cobden – Loughborough Lightning

The Experience Kissimmee Player of the Match comes in at wing defence this week, after yet another stunning performance on Saturday against Pulse. With two interceptions, three deflections and two gains to her name, Guscoth was wowed by her desire to push her team to the very end with the final whistle confirming them as Grand Finalists.

After playing in last year’s Grand Final for Lightning, Cobden is on the hunt to re-gain their trophy for a second year running.

Talk about timing 🧑‍🍳 😙 🤌

🔥 Queen of the 3ft mark @BethCobs1 was on fire for @Lborolightning in their semi-final win at the weekend. #NSL2024 l #SeeUsNow

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 24, 2024

Funmi Fadoju – London Pulse

Another Team of the Week entry for Funmi Fadoju means this will be her 13th feature this season! The defender has impressed all season long, but her performance on Saturday against Lightning impressed Guscoth.

Her stats of one interception, 11 deflections, three pick-ups and four gains mean she comes into this week’s selection leading the way with more stats. You can view Funmi’s season stats here where she sits at the top of most leaderboards! Funmi will be back on Saturday against Severn Stars in their hopes to take third place.

Funmi Fadoju saw the sign and said challenge accepted😏

🤩 The GD has seven deflections, three gains and two pick-ups in this game already! #NSL2024 l @Pulse_Netball

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 22, 2024

Alice Harvey – Loughborough Lightning

The goal keeper comes in this week after an impressive performance on Saturday. Taking home one interception, eight deflections, and three gains, Harvey’s passion for winning the ball for her side shone through on Saturday night.

This will be Harvey’s fourth Grand Final with Lightning and will be hoping to make it her second consecutive title with the side.

Harvey 🤝 Smith

Proving why these two are both in the top ten in the league for all defensive stats 🤯 #NSL2024 l @lborolightning

— Netball Super League (@NetballSL) June 22, 2024

You can read the wrap up from Manchester Thunder vs Severn Stars here and Loughborough Lightning vs London Pulse here.

You can also watch the highlights from both games here.

Layla Guscoth’s Team of the Week

GS – Mary Cholhok

GA – Lois Pearson

WA – Jess Shaw

C – Imogen Allison

WD – Beth Cobden

GD – Funmi Fadoju

GK – Alice Harvey

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Layla Guscoth’s Team of the Week (2024)
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