X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18 (2024)

  • Skateboard, BMX and Moto X Disciplines and Event Locations Announced
  • Sky Brown, Paul Rodriguez, Leticia Bufoni, Dennis Enarson and Jackson Strong Among Invited Athletes
  • 15.5 Hours of Competition on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC and the ESPN App
  • All Competitions will Stream Live on @XGames Digital and Social Media Platforms
  • Event Will be Closed to the Public with No Spectators in Attendance

X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18 (1)


ESPN X Games announced today that X Games 2021 will return to the roots of action sports – hosting BMX, Skateboard and Moto X competitions from three unique athlete training facilities around Southern California from July 14 – 18. Following the cancellation of the final host city year of X Games Minneapolis 2020 due to the pandemic, X Games 2021 will uniquely embrace the grassroots nature of summer action sports and bring world-class competition straight to the athletes’ facilities, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at these athlete playgrounds.

X Games 2021 will be the final competition before many Skateboard and BMX athletes head to Tokyo for their Olympic debuts. Some of the biggest names including Sky Brown, Leticia Bufoni and Poppy Olsen will look to win X Games gold before heading to Tokyo. For the full list of invited athletes, please visit XGames.com.

“I’m very excited to be hosting X Games at my house this year! It will allow me to share my ramps and dirt jumps with other amazing athletes and bring back BMX for our first major contest since COVID-19,” said two-time X Games BMX medalist Pat Casey. “I’m extremely humbled and thankful for this opportunity that ESPN and Monster Energy has given me, and can’t wait for the event!”

Seven-time X Games Moto X medalist Axell Hodges added: “Hosting X Games at my Slayground is a huge opportunity for the entire sport. From day one, Slayground was all about pushing the progression of freestyle motocross. I know everyone is ready to come back after an entire year without contests ready to send it and we’ll push the progression to the next level. Thanks to ESPN, Monster Energy and all my sponsors for making this happen. Let’s go!”

“We are thrilled to produce an X Games this summer and once again showcase the premier athletes in the world across the ESPN and ABC networks,” said Tim Reed, vice president, programming and acquisitions.“This year will be different – we’re excited about the unique opportunity to partner with our athletes to showcase some incredible facilities. We have no doubt that the Dreamyard, Slayground and CATF will put us in a great position to create memorable moments.”

X Games 2021 Venues

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What began in 2013 as a basic backyard ramp when X Games BMX medalist Pat Casey purchased his first house at 18 years old has now become a private, full-scale technical dirt and park course. At nearly 10,000 square feet, Casey’s “Dreamyard” has been the stage for four epic video parts. BMX Park, Dave Mirra’s Park Best Trick and BMX Dirt competitions will take place at Dreamyard.

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Growing up just outside the surf and skate mecca of Encinitas, California, X Games Moto X medalist Axell Hodges’ “Slayground” originated at his childhood home. Though the property has always included a racetrack, Hodges’ Slayground is now a full compound complete with steep turns, quarterpipes, kicker ramps, wallrides, manual pads and massive dirt jumps. The third and latest installment of Hodges’ Slayground video part series was filmed entirely at the compound. Slayground will play host to Moto X Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, QuarterPipe High Air and a new 110s racing discipline.

X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18 (4)CATF

The CA Training Facility is the first and only high-performance training center developed for skateboarding. CATF features both a full-sized concrete Street and Park courses created by the designers of X Games Street and Park courses. The CATF will be home to the BMX Street and Skateboard Street, Park, Vert, Vert Best Trick and Street Best Trick competitions.

Virtual X Fest

New to the summer event will be a virtual experience, bringing the excitement of X Games to fans at home. The virtual X Fest experience is back and moving to the beach. The immersive, interactive environment that brings the fun and excitement of being at the X Games into homes of fans around the globe launches July 14. Fans will have the opportunity to customize their own avatar, explore the boardwalk filled with virtual experiences, watch live X Games competitions, and best of all win valuable prizes. Experiences inside the virtual X Fest will include a custom X Games shop, interactive skate and BMX course, and an all-new ‘Story Mode’ where fans will have a chance to complete a mission to get the X Games medals to the stage on time! Go toXGames.com/XFest to pre-register and enter for the chance to win an X Games skate deck signed by X Games athletes.

Real Series

Following the blowout success of Real Mountain Bike, Real BMX and Real Street return to the Real Series lineup for 2021. On July 5, eight skateboard and six BMX athletes drop never-before-seen video parts on XGames.com, which will air during the X Games 2021 telecasts on ABC. The Real BMX athletes are: Chad Kerley, Julian Molina, Broc Raiford, Jake Seeley, Courage Adams and Felix Prangenberg. The Real Street athletes are: Axel Cruysberghs, Ducky Kovacs, Matt Berger, Frankie Spears, Milton Martinez, Chris Colbourn, Alexis Ramirez and Jake Anderson.

X Games 2021 Sport Disciplines

Park (M & W)DirtBest Trick
Street (M & W)Dirt Best TrickBest Whip
Street Best TrickParkFreestyle
VertDave Mirra’s Park Best TrickQuarterPipe High Air
Vert Best TrickStreet110s

More than 15 hours of the best X Games 2021 competitions will air July 14 – 18 on ESPN, ABC and ESPN2, as well as the ESPN App. All competitions will stream live on @XGames digital and social media platforms, in addition to behind-the-scenes, athlete-curated and complementary content. X Games content will also be presented across the globe through international syndication partners.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, X Games 2021 will be closed to the public and produced with comprehensive COVID-19 risk mitigation protocols in place for participants and staff. A virtual media center will be available to watch competition, post-medal press conferences and find resources to cover the event. Media on assignment can apply for the virtual media center HERE.

Additional information on X Games and virtual experience details will be forthcoming and available on www.xgames.com for fans or on www.ESPNPressRoom.com for members of the media.


Media Contacts:

Danny Chi, ESPN Communications, 213-405-4400, [emailprotected]

Grace Coryell, ESPN Communications, 213-405-4402, [emailprotected]

Olivia Wilson, ESPN Communications, 213-405-4145, [emailprotected]


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X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18 (2024)
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