X Games Summer 2022: Preview, schedule, stars to watch (2024)

It’s back.

After making its debut earlier this year in Chiba, Japan the X Games are returning this time in Southern California, USA.

From 20-24 July multiple venues will hold an array of skateboarding, BMX and Moto X competitions, and a host Olympic stars are set to attend.

Unlike Chiba where fans were able to get a slice of X Games action this event will be closed to the public.

X Games Summer 2022: Olympic champs dominate skateboarding line-ups

Five Olympic champions and 11 Olympic medallists will be touching down over the next few days at the CA Training Facility (CATF) in Vista ready to bring their best to Summer X Games 2022.

In the women’s street contest the full Olympic podium, including gold-medal winning Nishiya Momiji, Rayssa Leal and Nakayama Funa, have all been invited to compete.

Recent Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Jacksonville winner Leal and victor of the World Street Skateboard in Rome Nakayama will arrive as the women to beat in a stacked line-up where any of the 10 selected to attend could seize the hour.

Look out in particular for world number one Pamela Rosa and Australia's Chloe Covell.

After struggling to gain traction in Italy the Brazilian picked up third-place at SLS last weekend and will be looking to use her fresh podium finish to reassert her dominance over the field.

Meanwhile 12-year-old Covell will be hoping to tap into the form that saw her won bronze in her first X Games and international skateboarding contest in Japan back in April.

CATCH UP: Olympic champ Horigome Yuto spearheads Japanese sweep in Chiba as Rayssa Leal and Jagger Eaton win maiden X Games titles

In the men’s street competition Olympic gold and silver medallists Horigome Yuto and Kelvin Hoefler spearhead a line-up jammed-pack with US skating talent.

A total of six Americans make up the 10 invitees including superstar street skater Nyjah Huston who emerged as the king in Rome at the recent Paris 2024 qualifier.

Rounding off the pack will be the established Shane O’Neill of Australia and Tokyo 2020 Olympian Vincent Milou of France.

All those going will no doubt have the Japanese Olympic champ Horigome in their sights after he clinched his fifth SLS title in Jacksonville.

23-year-old Horigome dropped three 9 clubs in-a-row to seal the win in emphatic fashion and will be looking for more of the same in Vista.

READ: Street League Skateboarding Jacksonville 2022: Olympic champion Horigome Yuto wins title

Over in park, Sky Brown and fellow Olympic medallists Yosozumi Sakura and Hiraki Kokona are expected to battle it out in another loaded contest.

The gold and silver medallists from Japan are two of five Japanese skaters invited to Vista underlining once more the nation’s credentials as a skateboarding powerhouse.

Back on home soil in Chiba, 20-year-old Yosozumi took the win at the last X Games with Hiraki hot on her heels in second place.

A trio of Americans including Tokyo 2020 Olympian Bryce Wettstein and the legendary Lizzie Armanto will make up the rest of the field.

LOOK BACK: Olympic champs Yosozumi Sakura and Logan Martin take X Games Chiba crowns

Olympic champion Keegan Palmer will be the sole medallist in the men’s park competition with Cory Juneau and Pedro Barros not invited and American Jagger Eaton out injured.

Palmer faces competition in his fellow countryman Kieran Woolley, who finished fifth in the final at Tokyo, and took bronze at the last X Games, as well as six Americans and 21-year-old hot-shot Luiz Francisco of Brazil.

X Games BMX Freestyle Park: Logan Martin leads the way

Olympic gold medallist and four-time X Games champion Logan Martin will be launching his bid for a fifth crown in California.

The 28-year-old Australian, who is the first male Olympic champ in BMX Freestyle, will have to navigate a tough field if he hopes to clinch another title including fellow podium-finisher Declan Brooks of Team GB and Japan's promising Nakamura Rim.

Olympic champ Logan Martin celebrates winning gold in the men's park final at Tokyo 2020 (2021 Getty Images)

X Games Summer 2022: Schedule

Here is the full schedule for X Games Summer 2022. All times listed are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Wednesday 20 July

10:30 Skate Vert

12:00 Skate Vert BT

15:50 BMX MegaPark

17:30 Skateboard MegaPark

Thursday 21 July

10:00 Moto X Freestyle

12:00 Moto X Best Whip

13:30 BMX Dirt

15:00 Moto X 110s

16:30 Moto X Best Trick

18:15 Moto X QuarterPipe High Air

Friday 22 July

19:00 BMX Street

Saturday 23 July

10:00 Women’s Skateboard Park

12:00 BMX Park

14:00 Men’s Skateboard Street

15:30 Skateboard Street Best Trick

17:00 BMX Park Best Trick

Sunday 24 July

12:00 Women’s Skateboard Street

14:00 Men’s Skateboard Park

X Games Summer 2022: How to watch

Action from Summer X Games 2022 will be available to stream live on X Games Youtube.

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X Games Summer 2022: Preview, schedule, stars to watch (2024)
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